Is Physiotherapy Universally Beneficial?

Posted on: 12 March 2018


Undeniably, there is a consensus that assumes physiotherapy is foremost associated with sports-related trauma. Since athletes are prone to injury, people will usually have the misconception that it is a medical treatment prescribed to them to mitigate the physical trauma they acquire. Although physio is mostly practised in professional athletics, this is not the entire scope of its use. Physiotherapy can be beneficial to people of all ages and fitness levels as it is a non-invasive way of promoting wellness. If you are wondering how physio will be of betterment to your lifestyle, read on for a few of its advantages that make it universally beneficial.

Physiotherapy provides non-medicinal pain relief

A huge proponent of the popularity of physio over the years is the ability of this treatment to ease pain and muscle aches without the patient requiring prescription medication. As more and more people are becoming aware of the inherent risk of taking prescription painkillers on a regular basis, there has been a demand for treatments that are not drug-related. Physio works to ease pain and varying degrees of discomfort by steadily reducing the inflammation in the affected area. Moreover, it is an ideal treatment if you suffer from joint-related aches as the therapy can ease the stress that your joints are under. With routine physiotherapy, you can feel your body being gradually freed from chronic pain without you having to resort to medication.

Physiotherapy facilitates the management of chronic illnesses

Some chronic illnesses can severely impede a person's mobility. Some of the examples of illnesses that are accompanied by chronic pain are fibromyalgia, tendinitis, a herniated disc, arthritis and so on. Physio is a recommended form of treatment for these conditions as it functions to restore movement to those affected body parts while also alleviating the pain that the patient is enduring.

Physiotherapy helps in muscle strengthening

Another surprising advantage that physiotherapy offers the human body is increased strength. When you suffer from a debilitating injury or do not engage in proper exercise due to joint inflammation, your muscles will steadily lose their structure. As your muscles weaken, you find that your mobility is also compromised, as you no longer have the endurance that you previously had. Physio is an ideal way to jump-start these muscles and build your body's strength. During the physio sessions, the therapist will work on various muscle groups depending on what your needs and goals are, in an attempt to affect positive change in your entire musculoskeletal system.