• Preparing For Prostate Surgery: All You Need to Know

    Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men, especially in older men. Generally, a doctor or urologist may recommend prostate surgery depending on the severity and type of cancer. For instance, prostatectomy is a common type of prostate surgery for treating localised prostate cancer. It entails removing cancerous tumours from the prostate gland, preventing them from spreading to other body parts. Preparation for such procedures is always crucial because it helps reduce complications during surgery and plays a vital role in your post-operation healing.
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  • How to Aid Your Recovery From Laser Prostate Surgery

    Laser prostate surgery is one of the most recent medical developments designed to shrink tumours and remove malignant cells in people with prostate cancer. Using a specially programmed laser, cancerous tissue is removed without the need for open surgery. Since laser surgery is less invasive than traditional procedures, most patients find they recover well within a few weeks. If you want to ensure you recover as quickly and efficiently as possible, here are three tips to follow.
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