• Highlighting Some of the Various Health Issues Women Face

    When comparing women and men, women tend to have a number of health issues than men. This may be due to the fact that they can get pregnant and, therefore, their bodies work differently from men. It is, therefore, necessary to highlight these issues to help them know what to do to keep healthy. Reproductive Health In many cases, people have unprotected sex. It is not unlikely that sexually transmitted diseases may spread.
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  • A guide to bladder cancer

    Bladder cancer is an illness that causes the cells that the bladder is made from to multiply uncontrollably. Read on to learn more about bladder cancer and bladder cancer treatment. The symptoms of this form of cancer The most common symptom that people who have this disease notice is blood in their urine when they use the toilet. Occasionally those with bladder cancer may find that they feel the need to pass urine more often than they usually do.
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  • Is Your Ice Chewing Habit a Problem?

    Lots of people find it fun to occasionally crunch down on an ice cube when they have a drink. This is quite a satisfying thing to do. However, some people eat ice cubes all the time, whether they are having a cold drink or not. They don't do this fun; it is often a compulsion. This habit, pagophagia, is not a good thing. Chewing on chunks of ice all the time is bad for the teeth, and it may be a sign that you have an underlying medical problem.
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