3 Ways to Beat Anxiety

Posted on: 20 August 2019


Anxiety can have a serious impact on the quality of your life. Thankfully, anxiety is a treatable condition. By taking the steps outlined below, you can combat your anxiety and reclaim your life. Read on to discover 3 things which may help you to overcome your anxiety.

Attend counselling

If your anxiety has been triggered by events in your personal life, attending counselling sessions will give you a space where you can explore your feelings in a safe and controlled way. A counsellor is a trained professional who will be able to actively listen to what you say before reflecting it back to you so you can explore exactly how you feel. Your counsellor will also be able to help you to devise strategies for managing your anxiety, such as mindfulness and thought journalling. If you re interested in finding out more, you should contact an anxiety counselling service.

Consider medication

There is a range of medications available which can be used to manage anxiety. If you are interested in finding out more about this treatment, you should contact your GP. Your doctor will be able to talk to you about each type of medication, any possible side effects and the potential benefits. Once you have agreed on a course of treatment, the doctor will write you a prescription and schedule a follow-up appointment so they can monitor how you progress with the medication and its effectiveness.

Cut down on alcohol and caffeine

Making some simple changes to your lifestyle may help you to manage the condition. The first thing you should do is consider how much alcohol and caffeine you consume. Many people who feel anxious drink alcohol because it makes them feel less worried and on-edge. However, while you may experience some temporary relief when you drink alcohol, in the long run, booze can increase the amount of anxiety you feel as frequent drinking can trigger rebound anxiety, which is often a symptom of having a hangover. Caffeine is a stimulant which can magnify any feelings of anxiety you may be experiencing. Cutting out booze, coffee and energy drinks can help to lessen the amount of anxiety you experience.

If you are struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings, you should get in touch with your GP or a counsellor today. These professionals will be able to offer you further help and assistance, which will allow you to start your recovery.