Maximising the Benefits of A Home Care Package

Posted on: 5 July 2023


Home care packages make it easier for people to remain comfortable at home, even when they need a little help with daily activities. Usually, they feature a range of personalised support services that users can tailor as time goes on. To make the most of a home care provider's services, it's important to participate in the care and planning processes. 

Communicate Effectively With Care Providers

Consistent communication with your care providers is essential for creating a care package that meets your needs. When you feel as though you need more or less help, make sure you communicate that with the people assisting you. It might also help to schedule regular reviews with them, so you can both assess whether additional assistance is necessary.

Actively Participate in Care Planning

The people creating your care plan can have a good guess at what you need. They'll use a combination of their experience and evidence-based practice to create a package. However, if you want it personalised to your requirements, you need to become an active participant in the planning process. Share your goals and aspirations with them, and always remain honest while doing so. For example, if your aim is to continue cooking, take a walk once a day, or something similar, let them know so they can tailor your package accordingly.

Monitor Your Services

It's always wise to monitor the services provided to you. Monitoring the services is a way to identify how you feel about them and whether they're effective. For example, if you need services in place that allow you to leave the house and get outside every day, is it working well? If it isn't working well, how do you feel it could be better? Regularly communicating the efficacy of services makes it easier for your home package provider to make adjustments. It's important to continue monitoring, as your needs might change over time.

Create a Positive Relationship

Creating a positive relationship with your care providers makes it easier for you to communicate with them. From day one, spend some time getting to know them and let them know more about who you are. Once you become more familiar with each other, they'll intuitively know if something is wrong. You'll also find it easier to tell them if you want to make changes.

Overall, communication is the cornerstone of ensuring your care package works well. Always remain honest about what you need and make adjustments if necessary. 

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