Why You Should Prioritise Location When Choosing General Practitioner Jobs

Posted on: 15 August 2018


Entering the world of general practice is a rewarding way to serve a local community. In addition to building a strong relationship with your patients, you'll join a close-knit network of colleagues who'll act as your long-term support base. When choosing general practitioner jobs, you have lots of factors that will sway your decision. Before sifting through all of them, there are several reasons to focus on location.

Your commute can make or break your development

Although most people face some form of commute, inflicting yourself with one that's difficult could impact your personal development. Consider how far you're willing to drive or sit on public transport. Investigate whether traffic is an issue at the time of day you're travelling and whether you can work around it. While a two-hour-round journey may seem harmless at first, it will eat into your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. Over the course of a week, you could lose a day's worth of CPD time.

The surrounding area should complement your interests

When you're away from work the time you spend relaxing will replenish your energy stores and give you a sense of vitality. In the interest of functioning at optimal levels, choose a surrounding area that complements your interests. If the idea of submerging yourself in an urban metropolis fills you with dread, don't kid yourself into thinking that abandoning your country lifestyle will work well. Similarly, if living next to the coast is crucial so you can surf, try to avoid relocating more than a few miles inland.

Give a thought to those who are joining you

Whether you're in a long-term relationship or you have a blossoming family, you should see each person who joins you for the ride as a part of your support system. As such, you may feel as though you have an obligation to care for their interests too. If the idea of working in a rural practice seems idyllic, you may find that your new lifestyle presents excellent schools and a peaceful existence. On the other hand, if your partner's job is in a niche field they may struggle to find employment. GP jobs often command long hours. Although they're conducive to an excellent work-life balance, it's always advisable to strive for a harmonious household while you're finding your feet in your new role.

With a little self-investigation and research, you'll soon figure out which type of location presents the best general practitioner jobs. After creating your short list of what your locale should offer, you can begin narrowing down your application options using other factors. Check out a place like GP Recruitment Australia for assistance.