Is It Time To Get A New Prescription From Your Optometrist?

Posted on: 26 September 2018


For a good number of people, getting their first pair of eyeglasses means never having to go visit their optometrist unless their spectacles become damaged, but this is a gross misconception. Not only do you have to visit your optometrist for follow up check-ups, but also you will eventually need a new prescription for your glasses. Over time, your eyeglasses will not provide you with the same clarity that they did when they were brand new. How do you know when you need new glasses? Below are some tell-tale symptoms indicating that you need a new prescription from your optometrist.

Recurring headaches

A mistake that bespectacled people make once they start to experience regular headaches is chalking it up to fatigue or ageing. The truth is the cause could be as simple as requiring new eyeglasses due to changes in your eyesight. When your vision starts to deteriorate, you end up straining your eyes. As a result, your brain works harder to try to mitigate the vision problems, which in turn causes headaches. The longer you go without renewing your prescription, the worse the headaches become. If you have noticed that you have developed recurring headaches, one of the first things you should do is visit your optometrist to determine if this is the cause of your problem.

Constant squinting

The thing to note about squinting is that you tend to do it subconsciously because squinting is your body's natural way of improving your vision's focus. If you do this on a consistent basis, it will eventually cause your eyes to hurt. Not to mention that it will also be accompanied by headaches depending on the severity of the squinting. While squinting will seem to enhance your eyesight's clarity for the short term, doing this for the long term can make your eye problems much worse. If you are in need of a new eye prescription but are putting it off, the squinting will deteriorate your vision much further than if you sought new glasses immediately. Therefore, if you do catch yourself squinting with your spectacles on, be sure to set an appointment with your optometrist immediately.

Fatigued eyes

Eye fatigue can be attributed to many reasons. From sitting in front of a screen for endless hours or lack of sleep, there is a host of causes that could lead to this symptom, so it is easy to overlook it being a sign that you need new glasses. If you do start to experience regular eye fatigue, it is advisable to see your optometrist rather than ignore the issue. For more information, you can contact optometry clinics like EyeSelect