Four ways massage therapy can improve your health

Posted on: 14 January 2020


Have you thought about trying massage therapy but have been unsure about exactly what you can expect? Perhaps you know that a massage can help you relax but are unconvinced that there are many other benefits that come from enjoying a massage. The truth is that massage therapy is widely recommended by medical professionals because it is beneficial for your health in many ways. Here are four ways that you might not realise massage therapy can boost your health and help you feel better.

Massage counteracts postural stress

How do you spend your days? For many people, their working hours will be spent in an office hunched over a computer or in a shop sitting at a counter for long hours at a time. Sitting all day isn't good for your health, and it can be especially harmful to your posture. If you spend too long in that posture, then you will start to develop stress in your neck and shoulders. Alternatively, you may start to notice pain in your lower back and gluteals after extended periods of sitting. Taking massage therapy is a great way to counteract the negative effects of a job that forces you to remain seated for a prolonged period.

Massage therapy lessens the severity of headaches

If you regularly suffer from tension headaches, then massage therapy may be able to help you. Even a single session of massage therapy has been shown to lower the frequency and intensity of headaches, so why not book a session next time you feel a headache coming on?

Massage therapy improves blood circulation

When you bang your elbow or another part of your body, your first instinct is probably to rub it. When you do this, you are easing the pain by boosting blood circulation in the affected region. Massage therapy can work in the same way. If you are suffering from sore muscles, then a massage can be a highly effective way of easing your pain by increasing the flow of blood. In particular, massage is often employed as a way of offering relief to sufferers of chronic back pain.

Massage therapy relieves depression and aids sleep

Massage is well known as being an aid to a good night's sleep even for those who are normally unable to sleep comfortably. In the same way that it helps you to relax and sleep, a massage can be used to calm your anxieties and relieve feelings of depression. Studies have shown that a massage can reduce stress levels for those undergoing medical treatment.  

Talk to someone who understands the benefits of massage therapy to see how it could help you today.